CS371g Summer 2021 Week 2: Andrew Li

What did you do this past week?

This past week, I got started on my Collatz assignment. I have taken a previous class with Downing, and we did the same assignment, but in Python. Because of that, I understand most of how to solve the problem — the main work is translating it into C++.

What’s in your way?

Right now, I am trying to switch my brain back to C++, as I spent a lot of time recently working on web development languages, so I keep getting my syntax mixed up. Hopefully, after a week or so, I will be able to work faster, as my working speed is noticeably slower because of these issues.

What will you do next week?

Next week, I will finish up the Collatz project, probably using a meta cache, which is what I did last semester. I might play around with the sizes of my cache in order to further optimize my runtime, as I will have more time this semester. After that, I assume that we will be starting the next project shortly, in which I will find a partner for it and begin working on it.

If you read it, what did you think of the Paper #2: makefile?

I have read the makefile before, and it is pretty much exactly the same this time. I personally don’t use the git commands, and I do them myself, mainly because I want to have a custom commit message. Most of the other ones are invaluable in the development process, and I use the extremely often.

What was your experience of assertions, unit tests, coverage, and IsPrime? (this question will vary, week to week)

I had taken a class previously, so I was very experienced in these topics. Professor Downing makes sure to stress the importance of assertions and tests throughout the semester, so I am very well versed by now.

What made you happy this week?

This week, I went out swimming with my friends at Twin Falls. When we went, there was still a lot of water in the river, so we were able to have a lot of fun there.

What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

My tip-of-the-week is to use Docker. Most people probably will, as Downing suggested it, but just in case you don’t, it really helps a lot and saves a lot of time, with everything already there for you.



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