CS371p Fall 2021 Week 2: Andrew Li

This week, I have not done much for this class yet. In other classes, my workload has also been pretty light. One thing of note is that ECLAIR had its first meeting, and we started work on a smart mirror we are trying to build.

Right now, most of my classes are still getting started, so my classwork is not too bad. In one of my classes, somebody tested positive for COVID, so I’m trying to stay online for a bit until I can get a test, so that’s a little rough.

Next week, I plan to work on Collatz, and start on a project for one of my other classes. I have taken a class with Downing before, so hopefully Collatz will be pretty easy, since I have done it before.

I have taken a class with Downing before, so I am pretty familiar with the makefile that is used in this class. In terms of my experience in makefiles in general, I am not super great at writing them. I have tried to modify the makefile in the past, and I am not super confident in doing so.

As I have stated before, I am pretty experienced with these topics, as I have had to implement them previously countless times. Unit tests in particular — I have learned the importance of unit tests, and writing test cases before writing the actual code solution.

This week, I met a whole bunch of new people in ECLAIR, and we got to hang out after working on the project.

My tip this week is to take the busses if you live off campus. They have saved me a lot of time walking in the heat to and from classes, and with a student ID you get to ride for free.



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