CS371p Fall 2021 Week 4: Andrew Li

This week, I have was practicing Python for the UTPC competition on Friday. I usually use Java, because that is what I’m used to, but this time I decided to try out Python, because I have heard that it is much better for competitive programming. I am still getting used to it, as the syntax is quite different, but I have found a lot of useful functions that Java didn’t have, so I’m glad I switched.

Right now, nothing is in my way. I am glad that I finished Collatz early, so I had time to finish work for my other classes.

Next week, I will be starting on the next project, which I see will be available starting tomorrow. Hopefully, by starting early, I can keep a steady workflow and not have to cram too much work into the last minute.

I have read this paper before, and my opinion has not changed. It is a tragedy that women have to deal with being treated so poorly in the workplace, and we need to work as a community to change the differing expectations between men and women.

I have taken a class with Downing before, and we had covered these topics in the beginning of class before, so I was already quite familiar with them. When working on strcmp, I realized that my grasp on C++ and pointers was maybe not as good as it should be, so I will be focusing on my C++ a bit more.

This week, I started playing a Minecraft server with friends, which is a nice break from classes.

This week, I found a library called Librosa while working on an audio visualizer. Its a python library that lets you do a lot of music and audio analysis, and I recommend it if you are doing anything related.



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