• CS373 Spring 2021: Andrew Li

I grew up in Alberta, Canada, and then moved to Katy, Texas.

I attended Tompkins High School.

I was in my school’s FRC robotics team, and I spent 4 years on helping program our robot to compete in the FRC competitions.

I came to UT because it is nearby, making it convenient and cheaper than out-of-state options, but also has a great CS program.

Ever since I took my first CS class in the first year of High School, I have been in love with programming. I love the problem solving aspect of Computer Science, which pushes you to find new solutions to problems you come across.

I am in this class because I have very little experience in software engineering, so I want to learn more about it.

I expect to expand my knowledge in software engineering, and be able to gain practical experience as well.

I know a little bit of Python, but not much else in the other areas.

I enjoyed the lectures very much, and I thought that Professor Downing really made the class feel engaging for me.

The idea of cold calling made me nervous at first, but after seeing it in action a few times, and how Professor Downing walks you through it if you’re not sure of the answer, I am much less nervous now.



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