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CS373 Spring 2021 Week 7: Andrew Li

  1. This past week, I spent a lot of time working on the project for this class. I worked on the website for our project, and it was my first time working on the frontend part of a project. It was slow work, as I had to learn how to use HTML/CSS as I went, but it was fun designing a webpage.
  2. After finishing this project, I feel a lot more relieved. It feels like a huge load off of my back now, especially since a lot of the project was completely new to me. I would say that the only thing left in my way is to fix my sleep schedule after staying up all night working on SWE.
  3. For this class, our group has not decided what the next step will be, and we will have a meeting to determine what to do next. As for myself, I will be catching up on other projects in my other classes.
  4. The open-closed principle is something that I have known as a concept, but not in name for a while. Since I started learning OOP, the idea of coding in a way that is expandable is something that I have known and tried to adhere to. It makes a lot of sense, but I admit that a lot of times, I don’t follow it, such as making global variables, which often violate the open-closed principle.
  5. I have had some experience of iterators, but not in python, which I learned in class works basically the same as other languages. The idea of getting an iterator from an iterator returning itself was cool. I thought that reduce2 was a good exercise in using iterators.
  6. This week, my mom got hired in a new job, which was exciting, however it is in New Mexico, so I won’t be able to see her as often now.
  7. My tip-of-the-week is to push often in git. Not only does it help you make sure you don’t lose your code, it also keeps your team mates up to date with how your part of the project works, so they can work to make theirs compatible with yours.